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cageAlta Rancho Pet & Bird Hospital
Boarding Policies

Alta Rancho Pet & Bird Hospital offers on-site, climate controlled indoor boarding for those times when you need to get away and can't take your pets with you.  Our boarding facility includes 17 large runs for dogs and a variety of stainless steel cages for smaller dogs, cats, birds and exotic boarders.  

While boarding with us, your pet's will be under the watchful eye of our trained staff.  Should any problems arise, they will be brought to the attention of our medical staff, evaluated and promptly treated (with your permission of course). pet play

Our kennels are disinfected twice daily to reduce the risk of spread ofcontagious disease and all pets that enter the boarding facility must show proof of current vaccinations performed by a licensed veterinarian.  All pets are inspected on arrival for the presence of fleas and/or ticks and are deloused in the event of an infestation to help protect our other boarders.  

Dogs are taken out at least twice daily and commonly three times a day for walks.  We even have 15 minute play sessions available for your pets if you want them to get some extra attention.  

Boarding Policies:

In order to maintain a smooth running kennel and to keep all of our boarders safe, the following policies have been enacted:

  • We require a free pre-boarding evaluation of your pet to make certain that they will be comfortable in our facility and that our staff will be able to work with them (some of the nicest pets become aggressive and/or unmanageable in a boarding setting). This appointment can be scheduled any time prior to the first day of boarding. The evaluation takes about 20-30 minutes.  Please call the front desk at 909-980-3575 to set up this Pre-Boarding evaluation appointment.

  • All pets must show proof of current vaccination by a licensed veterinarian before they will be allowed to be boarded here.  Please be sure to bring a certificate of vaccination with you to the Pre Boarding Evaluation.  The following vaccines are required:



DHPP Feline Distemper
Parvovirus Chlamydia
Bordetella (Kennel Cough)

  • All pets must be able to be handled by our staff. If there is a question about safety, a pet will not be allowed to board here. 

  • Boarders will be inspected for the presence of fleas prior to admission. If fleas are found, the pet will have to be dipped before admission at our normal fees. 

  • Pets are not allowed to board in the same cage

  • We feed Hill's Science diets in our kennels, you may bring your own food for your pet at your discretion.  There is no reduction in boarding fees if you bring your own food.

  • We do not allow discharges on Sundays or Holidays- No exceptions

  • Deposits of 75% of the anticipated boarding fee are required at the time of admission.  Payment of the remainder is due at discharge.  Pets will not be discharged without payment in full.

  • We do not accept checks for boarding fees.

  • For boarding stays over 10 days, payment in full is required prior to admission.

  • If medical problems arise during boarding every attempt will be made to reach owners prior to initiating treatment. However, if medical attention is warranted and owners are unavailable, treatment will be instituted at the discretion of the medical staff.  Owners are financially responsible for all treatments, drugs and products needed to treat the medical problem. 


The following fees are in effect as of December, 2015.  Fees are subject to change, verify fee structure when making your reservation.



Weight Range Cost Per Night Weight Range Cost per Night Weight Range Cost per Night
0-20# $19.50 All Sizes $19.50 Small (<40 gms)  $16.50
21-60# $21.50 Medium (41-120 gm ) $18.50
61-80# $24.50 Large (121-400 gm) $20.50
> 80# $27.50 X-Large (401-600 gm) $24.50
XX-Large (Over 600gms) $28.50