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Pet Grooming FAQs

cat on top of dogIt takes more than regular veterinary care at Alto Rancho Pet & Bird Hospital to keep pets healthy and happy. Dogs, cats, and birds of Alta Loma, Rancho Cucamonga, Upland, Ontario, Claremont, Fontana, and the entire Inland Empire need regular grooming too. Grooming your pet regularly gives you the chance to examine him for parasites, strange lumps and bumps, and symptoms of skin conditions. Keeping your cat or dog's fur clean and nails trimmed keeps him comfortable and in the case of dogs, can prevent toe problems. Your bird may also need special grooming attention, whether from you at home or from a veterinarian. Read on to learn the answers to some common questions about pet grooming. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us at (909) 980-3575.

How Often Should I Brush My Cat or Dog?

Cats or dogs will need to be brushed anywhere from once daily to once a week, depending on how long and thick their fur. Short-haired animals with thin coats need to be brushed only once a week. Longer-haired animals and those with double coats should be brushed at least once a day.

How Often Should I Bathe My Pet?

Bathing your dog too frequently could cause dryness and irritation of the skin. Your dog's bathing needs will vary depending on his breed and activities. Ask our veterinary grooming staff how often to bathe your dog. Cats typically do not need to be bathed at all. Your cat may need a bath if he gets into something and gets excessively dirty. You may want to enlist Alto Rancho Pet & Bird Hospital to bathe your cat.

You should bathe your bird at least once a week, but it is fine to bathe him as often as once a day if he likes it. Avoid bathing him if he is sick, since the chill could cause him distress or make his illness worse.

Can I Trim My Pet's Nails at Home?

In most cases, yes, you can trim your pet's nails at home, regardless of his species. While cats do not need their nails trimmed, many owners find that dulling the claws with a cat nail trimmer or a human fingernail trimmer prevents accidental scratches and keeps the cat from getting his claws caught in fabrics. Trimming your dog's nails will prevent deformities of the toe that can result when the nail gets too long. Birds also need their nails trimmed regularly.

To trim a cat or dog's nails, use a species-specific trimmer and cut off just the tip of the nail, right before the curve begins. You may want to have our team demonstrate how to trim your birds nails and show you how long they should be. Keep some styptic powder on hand to staunch bleeding.

Can I Clip My Birds Wings at Home?

It is best if you have our team clip your bird's wings. Poorly-clipped wings can impair the bird's ability to control itself, leading to injury. There is also a risk of injury to the blood feathers, which could require emergency veterinary first aid.