Alta Rancho Pet and Bird Hospital Observes World Rabies Day

If you are a pet owner in Ontario, Upland, Alta Loma, Rancho Cucamonga, Claremont and the rest of the inland Empire then you worry about rabies. One of the best weapons against rabies is awareness and education. In order to heighten awareness and increase education among pet owner’s World Rabies Day has been designated for September 28th 2015. This event has been designed to help people learn more about how they can prevent rabies in both humans and pets. This year’s theme is “End Rabies Together.” In addition to awareness World Rabies Day is also about educating individuals on the impact that rabies can have, how it can be prevented and how we can work together to eradicate this disease.

Since its inception World Rabies Day has helped to educate over 100 million people and helped to vaccinate over 3 million animals against rabies.

Few people realize that one person every ten minutes dies from rabies each year. These are completely preventable deaths as human rabies is preventable when treatment is given in time.

Understanding the signs and symptoms of rabies is crucial to early medical intervention. Some of the signs to look out for include numbness at the spot where you were infected. This is usually a bite. High temperatures and hallucinations can also be symptoms.

Children are particularly prone to rabies because they spend so much time playing with pets or even stray animals. This major cause of rabies can be stopped with pet vaccinations, and educating children on proper animal interaction techniques.

The Alliance for Rabies Control was formed in 2005 when professionals and researchers set the goal to generate awareness and develop resources to contribute to worldwide rabies prevention and control. Today The Global Alliance for Rabies Control has every major national and international animal health advocate on board.

In 2007 the first World Rabies Day had an astounding 400,000 participants across 74 countries. Today this participation has spread to 125 countries. You can also be a part of this world wide event, but spreading awareness in your community on rabies control and ensuring that your own pets are properly vaccinated by your veterinarian.

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Share with us how rabies has impacted your life or a pet’s life?