Cat Shots Provided by Your Rancho Cucamonga Veterinarian

cat shotsAt Alta Rancho Pet & Bird Hospital, we pride ourselves in being the area’s trusted Rancho Cucamonga veterinarian. We believe that all animals deserve compassionate and quality care, which is why we treat all pets like members of our own family. One of the more common veterinary services we offer here in our office is that of vaccinations for pets.

Recommended Cat Shots in Rancho Cucamonga

If you have a cat, then you may be wondering what the recommended cat shots in Rancho Cucamonga are for keeping your kitty up-to-date. This will vary based on your cat’s age and specific risk factors, but almost all cats will need to be vaccinated against rabies once every one to three years (depending on the specific vaccine used). Furthermore, feline distemper vaccines are also recommended for kittens and adult cats alike. In many cases, vaccination against feline leukemia is also recommended, but this will vary depending on your cat’s current health and risk factors.

The Importance of Up-to-Date Vaccinations

All too often, cat owners have the mentality that having their cats’ vaccines done isn’t very important because their cat spends all of its time indoors and away from other animals. However, even if you have a totally indoor cat, making sure it is up-to-date on vaccinations is important because cats can escape their homes and, in the event that this happened to your cat, you would want your kitty to be as protected as possible.

Not to mention, if you ever plan to board your cat at a professional facility, you will need to show proof of updated vaccinations (especially rabies) in order to utilize the facilities. This is done not only for your pet’s safety, but the safety of other pets as well.

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