Cold Laser Therapy Now Available for Pets!

Is your pet struggling with pain due to arthritis or a recent injury? Is inflammation and pain hindering your pet’s natural range of motion? If so, cold laser therapy could make a significant difference for your pet’s health! Our veterinarian staff in Rancho Cucamonga, CA is excited to announce that cold laser therapy is now available for pets. Cold laser therapy offers numerous health benefits, including improved wound healing, faster recovery from nerve damage, reduced pain and inflammation, and increased range of motion.

Cold Laser Therapy in Rancho Cucamonga

Wondering if cold laser therapy is the right choice for your pet’s health needs? Below, our veterinarian team shares three things every pet owner should know about cold laser therapy.

  1. Cold laser therapy’s effectiveness is scientifically demonstrated.
    There are thousands of published studies documenting the effectiveness of cold laser therapy. Cold laser therapy has been FDA approved for use in the United States since 2002. Rigorously controlled, scientific studies have found cold laser therapy to be a safe, effective option for pain management and injury rehabilitation.
  2. Laser therapy benefits are cumulative. While some pets experience immediate pain relief and health benefits after just one session, in general, the benefits for Class IV laser therapy (cold laser therapy) are cumulative. The length and frequency of treatment will vary based on your pet’s health needs. For example, a sample three-week treatment schedule could be every other day for one week (3 treatments), followed by twice the second week (5 cumulative treatments), and one treatment the last week (6 cumulative treatments).
  3. Laser therapy treats orthopedic pain and injuries. Our veterinarians recommend cold laser therapy in Rancho Cucamonga, CA for the treatment of arthritis and joint pain, tendon injuries, ligament sprains, puncture wounds, post-surgical pain, hip dysplasia, chronic wound healing, neck and back pain management, and post-orthopedic surgical recovery. Depending on your pet’s health needs, laser therapy may also be helpful for gum inflammation and gingivitis, acral lick granuloma and feather picking.

Do you have questions about what to expect from cold laser therapy? Schedule a diagnostic appointment with our veterinary team today and call us at 909-980-3575!