Client Handouts

At Alta Rancho Pet and Bird Hospital, we know you want the best for your pets. Our veterinarians are committed to providing compassionate and comprehensive care for all your furry and feathered family members, but it’s up to you to implement our instructions at home. To help you make the most of your pets’ veterinary care, dietary regimen, and overall lifestyle, we’ve provided hundreds of helpful handouts for at-home use.

New Client Handouts

Before your pet’s first appointment at our animal hospital, consult our new client resources to learn what to expect and make sure you’re fully prepared. We’ve made all the necessary paperwork available online, so you can fill it out from the comfort of home instead of waiting until you arrive. You may also apply for Care Credit ahead of time, learn about the steps your technician and veterinarian will take during your pet’s first exam, and read all our safety and payment policies.

Dog and Cat Articles

Learn exactly what your dog or cat will need to thrive. Our canine and feline resources cover a variety of topics and life stages, from puppy and kitten wellness tips to information about age-related injuries and illnesses. If your dog has a syndrome or recurring health condition that needs to be managed, read our extensive guide to learn about the possible causes, risks, symptoms, and recommended treatments. If your cat has an upcoming, read a real case study about another patient’s experience.

Small Mammal Articles

Your pocket pets are welcome at our animal hospital, and our online guides make it easier to care for them between appointments. We dispel common myths and provide helpful tips for keeping your small mammal healthy. For example, our rabbit care guides help you make the most of your rabbit’s life by providing fresh greens and hay, house-training her to use a litter box, and creating a rabbit-proof environment with plenty of room for hopping, flopping, and doing joyful “binkies”.

Bird Articles

As a full-service pet and bird hospital, we are very committed to the health and happiness of all our avian patients. Become a better bird owner by learning about the instincts and nutritional needs that make your pet unique, and review our recommendations to make sure your bird has the ideal room temperature, cage size, balanced diet, toys, and more.

Reptile Articles

our cold-blooded critter is not a second-class citizen at Alta Rancho Pet and Bird Hospital. Our veterinarians take your reptile’s health and wellness very seriously, and we want to make it easier for you to do the same at home. Our up-to-date reptile guides outline proper housing, feeding, and handling techniques for specific species and breeds, such as ball pythons, Uromastyx lizards, desert tortoises, and red-eared slider turtles.

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