At Alta Rancho Pet Hospital, we frequently use bandages and splints to protect a wound or stabilize a joint when your pet sustains an injury. Because we cannot see what is happening to the tissues under the bandage, it is important that you observe the bandage several times daily to look for evidence of complications related to the bandage as follows:

  • Be certain to keep the bandage clean and dry at all times. If you have to take your pet outside, be sure that the ground is dry (remember sprinklers leave the grass wet). If the ground is wet, you can place a sturdy plastic bad over the bottom of the bandage for the duration of the walk and then be sure to remove it. If left on for too long, the bandage cannot breathe and the toes may get too wet.
  • If the toes are visible at the bottom of the bandage, check them twice daily for signs of swelling. If they appear swollen, call us immediately as the bandage must be reapplied
  • Check the bandage daily for any signs of foul odors. Foul odors may mean that there is infection or dying tissue under the bandage. If the odor is present, call us immediately.
  • Check the skin around the edges of the bandage for signs of chafing, redness or rash. If any of these symptoms are present, please bring your pet in for evaluation.
  • Generally, we will dispense an Elizabethan collar to prevent your pet from biting at the bandage. Please be sure to keep this on your pet at all times! If the bandage should get damaged or torn open, bring your pet back immediately for reapplication of the bandage.
  • When your pet has a bandage applied he/she should be kept indoors for most of the day and taken out only on short leash walks. Pets should not be allowed to play with other animals while they have a bandage on.
  • Bandages/Splints are bulky and awkward so it is normal for your pet to walk oddly when the splint is on. However, your pet should not act like the splint/bandage is hurting. If you think that the splint/bandage is hurting your pet, please bring him/her in for reevaluation.

Please be aware that should a bandage/splint need to be modified or re-applied there will be charges associated with the work.

If you have any questions pertaining to your pet’s bandage or any other aspect of their health care, please feel free to call us at (909) 980-3575!