The following is a case study that demonstrates our ability to repair fractured limbs using ASIF bone plating equipment.

“Tallica” is a 10 week old golden retriever puppy who came to us complaining of non weight bearing lameness on the right hind leg. The owners were away for the afternoon and came back to find Tallica limping and crying. They rushed her to our hospital where she was examined by Dr. Shufer.

On presentation, Tallica was anxious but in generally good spirits. She was not bearing weight on her right hind leg. During careful palpation, Dr. Shufer was able to isolate the pain to the area just below the knee. Tallica was sedated after pre-operative blood tests were run to make sure she did not have any internal abnormalities that might make sedation risky. Radiographs of the limb revealed an oblique fracture of the Tibia (bone below the knee)

The owners were given the options of internal fixation with a bone plate which is considered to be the “gold standard” for fracture repair, external fixation with a pins and connecting rods, or to splint the limb and hope for adequate healing. The owners deliberated for a short while and opted to have the bone plating performed since it had the best prospect for success.

Tallica was placed under isoflourane gas anesthesia and was attached to a number of vital signs monitors including Pulse Oximetry, Blood Pressure, Respiratory and Electrocardiogram. Her leg was prepared for sterile surgery by our trained technicians. Doctor Shufer, assisted by Dr. Henderson performed the repair by isolating the fracture, reducing it (bringing the pieces as close together as possible) and stabilizing it with a stainless steel 5 hole plate. The picture to the left shows the plate on the bone. The muscles and skin is then closed over the plate and the skin was closed with surgical staples.

After the surgery, radiographs were taken to make certain that the repair was appropriate and to document the position of the plates and screws for future reference.

Tallica was treated with long acting pain medication at the time of surgery and went on to recover in minutes after the anesthetic was turned off. She spent 2 days in the hospital and was discharged to her relieved parents with her tail wagging.

She will have to have very restricted activity for 10 weeks, but the prognosis for return to full function is excellent.