Research has shown that diabetic cats achieve much better blood sugar control when fed diets that have less than 8% carbohydrates on a dry matter basis. This appears to be due to the fact that in the wild, cats eat primarily protein (meat from their prey) and so their body is programmed to manage blood sugar based on a very low amount of carbohydrates. Some cats, may even become non diabetic with the right diet and short term insulin usage.

The list below shows a large variety of feeds, which can be used to help control your pets diabetes. Please note that there is no dry food on this list. The reason for that is that all dry foods rely on grains, which have a lot of carbohydrates, as their main ingredient. Therefore, diabetic cats should be fed one or more of these canned feeds exclusively (no dry food).

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Table of Canned Cat Foods Appropriate for Diabetes Control
Food% kcal fromper 100 kcal
ProteinFatCarbsFiber (g)Phosph (mg)Calories
per can
Authority 6 oz
Eukanuba Prescription:6 oz can
Maximum Calorie296650.3164340
Fancy Feast Elegant Medleys3 oz can
Chicken and Tuna Dinner336060.2267187
Classic Seafood Entrée385670.2336172
Country Style Dinner306370.2233187
Flaked with Tuna and Egg in Sauce504550.4279171
Flaked with Tuna in Sauce534160.4288172
Kitten Mixed Grill Formula375850.228299 (3 oz can)
Kitten Ocean Whitefish Formula494740.2558150 (3 oz)
Kitten Turkey Formula366130.1317172 (3 oz)
Liver and Chicken Dinner345970.2295172
Mariner’s Catch385470.2392156
Ocean Whitefish and Tuna Dinner385660.2295172
Poultry Platter336070.2317187
Special Diet Beef and Chicken Entrée336340.4209183
Special Diet Beef and Liver Entrée336340.4208181
Special Diet Ocean Whitefish Dinner356230.5280184
Special Diet Turkey and Giblets Dinner346150.5165175
Special Diet with Salmon365950.5186177
Supreme Supper355870.2325156
Turkey and Giblets Dinner336070.2260187
Merrick5.5 oz
Cowboy Cookout524251203154
Southern Delight405541.4328157
Surf N Turf494731.5228157
Natura/Innova:5.5 oz can
EVO 95% Beef297020.1171209
EVO 95% Chicken & Turkey297100.1237209
EVO 95% Duck267040.1252215
EVO 95% Venison316820.1146237
% kcal fromper 100 kcal
ProteinFatCarbsFiber (g)Phosph (mg)Calories
per can
9-Lives:5.5 oz can
Chicken & Beef Dinner385840.4347162
Flaked Tuna in Sauce692920.2234147
Ground Chicken & Seafood Dinner405640.5373154
Ground Chicken & Tuna Dinner395740.4351161
Ground Chicken Dinner395740.4364159
Ground Liver & Bacon Dinner356060.3302176
Ground Seafood Platter385650.4340161
Ground Super Supper385650.4352159
Ground Turkey & Giblet Dinner454960.3389156
Ground Turkey Dinner415450.3359154
Ocean Whitefish & Tuna Dinner474750.4420145
Ocean Whitefish Dinner474850.4441145
Prime Entrée w/ Real Salmon375750.3353159
Prime Entrée w/ Tuna & Shrimp425170.3401167
Prime Grill w/ Beef405560.4333159
Nutro:3 oz can
MCGC Veal Pate316270.2244105
Precise Pet5.5 oz can
F. Growth Turkey355960.25223185
F. Foundation Chicken306460.27202195
F. Foundation Beef326170.28233189
F. Foundation Triple Delight306460.28187199
Precise Plus Feline Adult395650.34222171
Royal Canin5.8 oz can
Recovery RS375760.7163172
Urinary SO 30276940.5251200
Sophisticat5.5 oz can
Beef And Liver386110.2294197
Beef Stew474940.433687/3oz
Country Style346510.2361195
Elegant Entrée405460.3316183
Liver & Chicken366310.3384191
Mariner’s Catch396100.2338182
Mixed Grill376300.2363202
Salmon Dinner356230.2255190
Seafood Entree356140.3250183
Special Diet Beef And Chicken296470.2229189
Special Diet Turkey & Giblets316360.2239204
Turkey And Giblets Dinner376200.1298183
Food% kcal fromper 100 kcal
ProteinFatCarbsFiber (g)Phosph (mg)Calories
per can
Sophisticat Adult Supreme3 oz can
Flaked Tuna Dinner514450.331997
Supreme Beef And Chicken Dinner405730.330198
Supreme Beef Dinner474940.433687
Supreme Chopped Grill445610.332394
Supreme Fish And Shrimp475300.326997
Supreme Flaked Trout Dinner444960.3336109
Supreme Gourmet Chicken Dinner385930.3302105
Supreme Liver And Chicken Dinner365950.2288108
Supreme Ocean Whitefish And Tuna Dinner495020.343592
Supreme Salmon Dinner395650.4247102
Supreme Seafood Dinner603910.442475
Supreme Turkey And Giblets415540.3288103
Sophisticat Pouches3 oz pouch
Beef And Gravy485020.239285
Chicken Dinner And Gravy435700.330387
Mixed Grill In Gravy475120.226588
Ocean Whitefish With Tuna In Sauce524520.332275
Tuna And Sauce485020.236586
Turkey And Giblets445600.238887
Turkey And Giblets In Gravy445600.238887
Special Kitty (Walmart)submitted by Sandy & Hobbes5.5 oz can
Chicken & Tuna Banquet385930.5387161
Chicken & Tuna Dinner395830.4355158
Mixed Grill395640.5319167
Ocean Whitefish385740.5333164
Prime Entree346240.4270179
Salmon Dinner375940.4327167
Super Supper385840.5332164
Tuna Banquet365670.6406162
Turkey & Giblets346240.4299172
Food% kcal fromper 100 kcal
ProteinFatCarbsFiber (g)Phosph (mg)Calories
per can
Special Kitty (Walmart)3 oz can
Chicken Dinner395930.435990
Cod, Sole & Shrimp544330.450980
Liver & Chicken Entree435160.330487
Ocean Whitefish & Tuna514630.342083
Salmon Dinner455140.335886
Tuna & Shrimp Entree732610.422587
Turkey & Giblets Dinner395830.337997
Trader Joe’s
Turkey Giblets in Gravy445600.238887
Tuna in Gravy435070.236581
Mixed grill in Gravy475120.226588
Chicken Dinner435700.330387
Beef in Gravy485020.239285
Wellness:5.5 oz can
Beef & Chicken316540.2226193
Chicken & Herring346060.2303189
Kitten (3 oz can)286750.2216121/3oz
Salmon & Trout276580.2248208
Turkey & Salmon375850.2299181
Whiskas:submitted by Sandy & Hobbes5.5 oz can
Chicken & Tuna Dinner435340.2237165
Chicken Dinner435340.2237165
Artemis Turkey296560.5466170/100g
Instinctive Choice366400.2242116/3 oz
Pet Promise Chicken405820327172/5.5 oz
Pet Promise Ocean Fish475120363156/5.5 oz
Pet Promise Wild Salmon475030376172/5.5 oz
Raw food:
Feline’s Pride Chicken435340.1380111 / 100 g
Feline’s Pride Turkey613631.740190 / 100 g
Feline’s Pride Cornish Hen554311.834593 / 100 g
Nature’s Variety Beef365940.414938 / oz
Nature’s Variety Chicken & Turkey346250.414536 / oz
Nature’s Variety Lamb346330.417745 / oz
Northwest Naturals286660