Hills Pet Food Inc. has recently released a revolutionary new diet for dogs andcats called T/D. This diet has been proven in controlled scientific studies to reduce plaque bacteria (the cause of tartardevelopment and periodontitis) by 30-40% with regular feeding. No other diet, treat or toy can make that claim!

This unique ability is due to the patented structure of the T/D pellets. Hills has developed a process to keep all the fibers in the diet oriented in the same direction. The pellets are larger than standard foods so the pet must bite through them. When the teeth penetrate the pellet, the fibers act as a mechanical brush to wipe the bacteria from the surface. The accompanying photograph shows the difference in tartar accumulation for a dog fed standard feed (bottom) versus a dog fed T/D.

In keeping with their commitment to risk factor management, Hills has designed this food to be an excellent maintenance diet for adult pets over 1 year of age. Like all Hills products, T/D has the following characteristics:

CharacteristicImpact on your pet
Guaranteed analysis, meaning the contents are the same from bag to bag, can to canYour pet’s digestive system gets used to the contents of the food you feed. Consistency in the diet reduces the chance of gastrointestinal upset
Restricts the potentially dangerous minerals of Phosphorous and Sodium to meet but not exceed the pet’s needsThese precautions help prevent high blood pressure, kidney disease and heart disease
Limited Magnesium and Ash contentHelps prevent crystal and stone formation in cats
Limited Caloric ContentPrevents Obesity
Enhanced with Essential Fatty AcidsHelps keep the coat and skin at their best
Contains only the highest quality ingredients with exceptional digestibilityReduces waste (less stool), Reduces hypersensitivity to the feeds.
Reduces true cost of feeding as you can feed much less of these diets (in general)
Tastes greatPets enjoy eating it
100% money back guaranteedYou don’t have to worry about your financial investment

Not only is T/D an excellent diet, it is very cost competitive with other diets on the market so it won’t cost you any more to feed it than your normal food!

Teeth Harming Treats:

Did you know that most of the fractured teeth that we see are caused by inappropriate treats? Unfortunately, this is the case. Many people think that bones and cow hooves are great treats for dogs. These substances are very hard and will frequently crack the teeth. Therefore, we recommend that you use nylon chew toys such as Nyla-bone and Nyla-frisbee. Rawhide is another acceptable treat and may help exercise the gums.