During our first puppy examination, our veterinarians cover a lot of information in a short period of time. In order to help you remember some of the important points of the presentation we’ve created this checklist. Please check off the items that you are interested and our staff will give you an estimate for the costs of each item.

Recommended Product(s)

Feed Hill’s Healthy Advantage Puppy formula or Large Breed Puppy formula

Feed 4 times daily until 12 weeks,

3 times daily between 3 and 8 months, then twice daily

Give nutrived puppy vitamins once daily.

Puppy Diet
Nutrived Vitamins
Ear Care:

Play with ears daily to desensitize your pet to ear handling

Clean ears once weekly with ear wash and cotton balls

Vet Solutions Ear Wash
Nail Care:

Play with feet regularly, trim clear portion only

Kwik Stop Styptic
Nail trimmers

Use Gentle Leader head halter and leash system for training

Follow Crate training instructions for potty training

Gentle leader system
Training DVD

Have Stool examined for intestinal parasites

Apply Frontline Plus once monthly for fleas and ticks

Or Give tabs monthly for heartworm, flea and intestinal parasite control.

Stool Exam
Frontline Plus
Microchip ID:

Have your pet permanently identified with an AVID microchip for safety.

Microchip implantation

Schedule sterilization at 16 weeks of age

Schedule Sterilization
Hip Dysplasia:

Schedule PennHip radiographs at 12-16 weeks of age

Schedule PennHip Radiographs