Good nutrition lies at the cornerstone of good health and long life. Every day we hear more and more about how our diets affect our health and the same is true about our pets. On average, sixty percent of the pets we see, are suffering from nutritional imbalance. This is seen as weight problems (too heavy or too thin), skin and coat problems, gastrointestinal problems (vomiting and diarrhea), bone and joint problems associated with obesity, hypertension, kidney and bladder problems. The reason for these problems lies in the quality and quantity of the feeds we are feeding.

In today’s marketplace there are literally hundreds of diet options for pet owners to choose from. All the different brands come in very attractive packages with claims about how great the food inside is. If these claims were true, we wouldn’t be seeing all of the nutritionally related problems noted above. So what is the difference between foods and how can we select the best nutrition for our pets? The pet food industry is not very tightly regulated by the government and so they have a lot of leeway in how they formulate their diets, what they put in them and how they label them. Most of the feeds on the market share the following problems:

Too high in CaloriesLeads to obesity
Too high in ProteinMay lead to kidney failure, especially in older pets
Too high in Sodium (Salt)May contribute to high blood pressure, heart and kidney disease
Too high in PhosphorousMay lead to Kidney Failure (the #1 killer of cats and #2 killer of dogs)
Too much indigestible proteinMay lead to diarrhea, colitis, and food hypersensitivity
Feeding Recommendations are too highLeads to obesity (Also leads to more food sales which the companies love!)

The science of nutrition is very complex and the only way to properly evaluate diets is through controlled scientific studies. Of course, consumers are in no position to do this, so we must find a company that we trust and believe in. After evaluating many of the better pet food manufacturers, we believe that the Hills Pet Nutrition company stands out as the one company that has the commitment, historical and scientific evidence and products to earn our support.

Hills was the first company to develop diets aimed at treating specific diseases in animals some 50 years ago. They were the first company to introduce the concept of different diets for different stages of life. They discovered the connection between diet and feline urinary crystal development and created the most effective diets at eliminating and preventing those crystals. Hills maintains a massive research facility in Kansas with a colony of over 6000 dogs and cats of varying ages and breeds on which they scientifically test each of their diet formulations.

The Hills diets are unique compared to most pet foods in the following ways:

  • Each diet has a guaranteed analysis, meaning the contents are the same from bag to bag, can to can.
  • Your pet’s digestive system gets used to the contents of the food you feed. Consistency in the diet reduces the chance of gastrointestinal upset.
  • All Hills diets restrict the potentially dangerous minerals of Phosphorous and Sodium to meet but not exceed the needs of our pets.
  • These precautions help prevent high blood pressure, kidney disease and heart disease.
  • All Hills diets are enhanced with Essential Fatty Acids Helps keep the coat and skin at their best.
  • Hills uses only the highest quality ingredients with exceptional digestibility.
  • Reduces waste (less stool), Reduces hypersensitivity to the feeds. Reduces true cost of feeding as you can feed much less of these diets (in general).
  • Hills diets taste great and pets enjoy them.
  • Hills maintains a scientist whose sole job is to make certain their foods are exceptionally palatable.
  • All Hills products are 100% money back guaranteed.
  • You don’t have to worry about your financial investment!

Most important, knowing the qualities of the Hills diets you are feeding your pet allows us to tailor a specific nutritional program for your individual pet. In fact, we offer free advice from our trained nutritional counselors while you are feeding your pet one of our diets.

During the counseling session we will:

  • Determine the accurate weight of your pet
  • Determine the optimal weight for your pet
  • Determine the appropriate diet for your pet’s needs
  • Determine the precise amounts to feed your pet to achieve our nutritional goals
  • Provide you with a daily feeding log and measuring cup to help make it easy for you to maintain the diet
  • Provide you with a safe detailed method for switching your pet over to the new diet.

Many people of Alta Loma, Rancho Cucamonga, Upland, Ontario, Claremont, Fontana and the Inland Empire have expressed concerns about changing their pet’s diets. Here are a number of the most common concerns and our responses to them.

My pet looks great and loves his food, why should I switch diets now? The question of mineral and protein excess in your current diet may put your pet at risk of developing hypertension, kidney or heart disease
My pet is very finicky, what if she won’t eat this food?Our staff will give you a method that will help to get even the most finicky pets interested in this food. If they won’t eat it, you have nothing to lose as all Hills products have 100% Money Back Guarantee. Bring us the unused portion and we will refund your money!
Hills products may be very good, but I just can’t afford them!You may be surprised at how affordable these products really are. Let our nutritional counselors show you the actual cost per month of feeding these diets to your pet, then you can make an informed decision.

Our veterinarians hope this handout has clarified many of the issues surrounding pet food selection. Our mission is to help improve the quality and length of your pet’s life. Our veterinary team believes that feeding your pet the very best and appropriate foods available will help us achieve our goals. If you have any further questions regarding nutrition or any aspect of your pet’s health care, feel free to speak to our doctors or any of our well trained staff. If you would like to speak to one of our nutritional counselors, please inquire at the reception desk and call (909) 980-3575.