When your pet is scheduled for a procedure or surgery requiring anesthesia. Please follow these precautions the night prior to bringing your pet in:

  • Feed your pet no later than 6:30 PM and take the food up by 7:00 PM
  • Allow your pet to have water until midnight. If your pet is over 8 years old, leave the water out all night.
  • Do not feed your pet the day of the procedure.
  • Drop off your pet between 8:00 AM and 8:45 AM
  • There are a number of admission forms to fill in in the morning so be prepared to spend about 20 minutes here.

While your pet is anesthetized, there are many minor procedures that can be done without further stress to your pet. These include:

  • Microchip Identification Inplantation
  • Nail Trimming
  • Stool Testing
  • Ear Flushing
  • Hip Dysplasia X-rays
  • Anal Gland Cleaning

If you would like any of these services performed, simply tell the receptionist in the morning.

  • A deposit of 50% the estimated fee is due at the time of admission, this can be done by cash, check, Visa, Master Card, or Discover Card.
  • We will need to have a telephone number or pager number to contact you with during the day.
  • Most procedures are done between the hours of 12:00 PM and 3:30 PM. We will do our best to call you after your pet has recovered from anesthesia. If you do not hear from us by 4:30 PM, please feel free to call us.

If you have any questions regarding this information or any other aspect of your pet’s health care, please feel free to call (909) 980-3575 or ask our well trained veterinary staff.

Thank you for entrusting your pet’s health care to Alta Rancho Pet & Bird Hospital!