General Interest

Bringing a pet into your home allows you to enjoy companionship at any time of the day or night. Whether you bring dogs and cats into your home or you prefer small mammals or reptiles, you want to feel comfortable with their care and health. Pet owners work with veterinarians to keep their animal healthy and active, but it is also important to stay educated with up-to-date information about caring for an animal.

Insurance Verification

Pet insurance allows you to bring your pet to a veterinary hospital in an emergency and ensures that any animals in your home have appropriate vaccinations and treatments to address potential health concerns. Whether you want to purchase a policy for pocket pets, birds or dogs, you want to feel comfortable with the policy options.

Generally, we recommend that you consider a policy that addresses the specific needs of your animal. If you have a new puppy in the home, then you want a policy that will help manage the costs of vaccinations and basic care early in life. You also want a policy to help pay for possible problems that a young puppy can face. On the other hand, an older animal needs a policy for emergency care and potential veterinary treatments that older animals require for good health.

Extra Educational Resources

Although veterinarians offer information about caring for your pets and keeping any animals in your home healthy, you sometimes want to look up information about different situations or basic care so that you can keep up with a busy schedule. It is not always possible to visit a veterinary hospital to check on appropriate temperature settings for reptiles or appropriate foods for pocket pets. By using educational resources, you can look up information that you need based on the animals in your home and the situations that you face.

The educational resources allow you learn about basic care as well as solutions for emergencies or key considerations when pets need medical treatments. It keeps you up-to-date on the information you need as a pet owner of Alta Loma, Rancho Cucamonga, Upland, Ontario, Claremont, Fontana and the Inland Empire

Memorial Page

It is always sad when pets pass away, even if you expected the death due to a prolonged illness or old age. At our clinic, we recognize that you want to memorialize and remember your pets. That is why we offer memorials to honor the lives of our beloved pets and allow pet owners to remember the fun adventures, interesting situations and funny memories that a companion left behind. Pets do not always live as long as their owners, but they bring companionship and love into your home. Remembering your pets through a memorial allows you to honor the life of a beloved family member.

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Bringing animals into your home allows you to enjoy the company of a faithful companion. Whether you want to know about insurance or you want to remember your pets, we have the tools you need. For more information about our veterinary services and treatment options available for the surrounding communities of Alta Loma, Rancho Cucamonga, Upland, Ontario, Claremont, Fontana and the Inland Empire, contact Alta Rancho Pet & Bird Hospital at (909) 980-3575 today.