As our ability to offer more and more sophisticated medical and surgical care for our patients continues to grow, we unfortunately see an attendant rise in the costs of veterinary care. As a result, clients are often forced to make a selection between optimal health care for their pets and financial constraints.

We have taken the first step to help reduce the immediate financial stress associated with a pets illness by teaming up with Care Credit Inc. to offer no and low interest options for extended billing.

We feel that every pet owner should consider enrolling their pets in one of the available pet insurance programs on the market. There are many out there and they vary in price and coverage. Here are some different options for you to investigate:



Vet Pet Insurance


ASPCA Pet Insurance




Pet’s Best Insurance

877-738-7237 ext. 1

Embrace Pet Insurance


Each company has a different approach to reimbursement and we encourage you to compare them by visiting their web sites or looking at their brochures available in our reception area.

With both companies, you would pay the bill to us in full at the time of service and then you will seek reimbursement from the company.

For your information, we have no financial relationship with any of these companies and get no “kickback” from them for recommending their products. Our goal in suggesting these products is simply to make it easier for you to give your pets the best care available.