Dental Suite / Surgery Prep

Veterinary dentistry is a rapidly developing field and we at Alta Rancho Pet and Bird Hospital have made a strong commitment to providing the most up to date dental services to you and your pets. We have recently installed a state of the art dental suite that allows us to perform everything from routine dental cleanings to complex root canal procedures.


Dental Tables


Individual Tables


Air Driven Tools


Dental X-Ray Unit


Our dentistry tables are equipped with the same high tech equipment your are familiar with from visits to your dentist. We have the same high speed hand pieces for drilling teeth, low speed hand pieces for polishing as well as ultrasonic scalars to do deep cleaning of the teeth above and below the gum line.

Just like in human dentistry, dental radiographs (x-rays) allow us to detect dental pathology below the gum line which would go unnoticed and untreated with out this modality. Since we started routinely taking dental radiographs we have found in excess of 50% of the dental lesions we see are located below the gum line!