We have a fully stocked pharmacy for your convenience. We keep an extensive number of drugs and supplies used in the treatment of both our hospitalized and out-patients. They include injectable drugs, vaccinations, oral medications, topical remedies as well as skin care products. In addition, we carry all the latest prescription flea and parasite control items such as Frontline Plus and Trifexis.

Having these drugs on hand involves a large financial investment. We see this as a reflection of our commitment to you and your pets, for having ready availability to these drugs allows us to institute therapy as soon as possible when your pet is ailing. Moreover, we do not want you to have to be inconvenienced by making a trip to another pharmacy.

We work with compounding pharmacies that will often times create a palatable liquid version of a drug for patients that have problems with pill administration. If you have difficulty pilling your pet, ask our doctors about this service.