Our Radiology Department has a high powered 600 milliamp Digital X-ray generator that allows us to take radiographs of even the largest dogs. Like a digital camera, our system can produce incredibly detailed images in a matter of seconds. The digital sensor is more sensitive than film, so we can get images with less radiation exposure to our staff and patients.

We have a dental x-ray unit that is used to take dental radiographs and fine detail films of exotic animals such as birds and pocket pets. Like our standard x-rays, we use a digital sensor to record the images of the teeth. This dramatically reduces the amount of time it takes to get our images and gives us superior images than our older film system.

Radiographs are great for looking at bone, lungs, size and shape of organs and are the first choice in most imaging scenarios. We also have a very powerful GE Logiq 500 pro ultrasound which allows us to do very sophisticated ultrasound examinations, including color flow doppler, 2 dimensional echocardiography, M-mode echocardiography, pulse wave and continuous wave doppler flow studies. Ultrasound allows us to look into organs and check for abnormalities in the tissue. We can also use it to guide our needles to obtain biopsies of vital organs without the trauma of a surgical exploratory.