Our reception area is designed with you in mind. We have a large enough waiting area that you can easily keep your pet away from others that might be disturbing. Our service area has an open design to allow you direct access to our receptionists. It is equipped with 3 computer stations to help serve you efficiently. You may have noticed our laser printer that allows us to print pictures of your pet right on your invoices!

In the waiting room, we have a complete nutrition center. It is stocked with a full line of Hill’s Prescription diets for all the different life stages and medical problems that your pets may be experiencing. For our avian patients, we carry a full line of LaFebers diets including avi-cakes, nutriberries and pellets. Our staff is thoroughly trained in nutritional counseling and can help you select the appropriate diet for your pets.

Near the nutrition center, is our product display. Here you will find a variety of skincare, flea control and miscellaneous pet care products for your pets. Notice that each product has a description next to it to help you understand it’s intended use. Our well trained staff can help you identify the appropriate product(s) for your pet if these descriptions do not make the decision clear to you.

Finally, after you finish the tour, you can refresh yourself at our hospitality center. We have hot and cold water and herbal teas available for your enjoyment year round.