We are very proud of our surgical facility. We have all the latest equipment needed to ensure a safe and successful surgery for your pet.

We employ the the most modern anesthetic protocols. Our three anesthesia machines are equipped with both Isoflurane and Sevoflurane anesthestic agents to give our patients the safest anesthetic events possible.

Safety and comfort are the watchwords at ARPH and towards that end, we have invested in a number of state or the art electronic monitoring devices to let us know exactly how our patients are doing under anesthesia. These include:

  1. Non-Invasive Blood Pressure Monitoring
  2. Electrocardiographic monitor
  3. Pulse Oximeter
  4. Respiratory Monitor
  5. Body temperature monitor
  6. Carbon Dioxide Monioring

Pulse Oximeter

Blood Pressure Monitor

When it is time for surgery, we have all the instruments you would find in a large human hospital available for our surgeons. These include:

  1. Electro-surgical scalpel and cautery machine
  2. Pneumatic Drills and saws for orthopedic cases
  3. Fiberoptic headlamps
  4. Suction machines

Surgery Equipment Rack

Electorsurgery Machine

Pneumatic Drill

Surgical Suction Machine

We have recently added a Carbon Dioxide Laser to our surgical inventory. This machine allows us to perform surgery with a minimum of blood loss and almost no pain! Once again, Alta Rancho Pet & Bird hospital is bringing cutting edge technology to the Inland Empire.

Carbon Dioxide Laser

After surgery is over, we have an infant incubator in which we can recover our fragile pets.