Pet Lump Removal

pet lump removalPets develop skin lumps as frequently as their human owners do. Most are benign and cause no health problems, unless they interfere with the animal’s ability to walk, eat or breathe. In addition, benign tumors tend to grow to a certain size and then stop growing. Lumps that continue enlarging, bleed spontaneously and change shape should always be examined as soon as possible by your veterinarian in Rancho Cucamonga CA.

Common Types of Pet Skin Growths


these are painful lumps forming from localized infections due to wounds or bites. An abscess will be full of blood and pus and may rupture if touched or lightly squeezed.


blood accumulating under an animal’s skin following trauma usually develops into a hematoma, or a blood-filled lump sore to the touch. Your vet in Rancho Cucamonga treats hematomas by draining them if they do not resolve on their own.


commonly found on overweight pets, lipomas are benign lumps of fat cells that may grow quite large. Lipomas typically develop on an animal’s front legs, abdomen and chest.

Sebaceous gland hyperplasias

if sebum-secreting glands grow too rapidly, they can become noticeable lumps with either a wart-like or smooth appearance. Sebum helps your pet’s skin stay hydrated and healthy. Common places for sebaceous gland hyperplasia to appear are the eyelids, body and legs.

Malignant skin lumps/tumors

if you notice lumps on your pet that continue growing or sores that do not heal, please bring your pet to our animal hospital in Rancho Cucamonga. We have pet oncology services and digital imagery technology capable of diagnosing and removing malignant lumps before cancer can spread to other areas of your pet’s body.

If your pet is found to have a suspicious skin lump, we can help get your pet cancer-free with the most advanced pet cancer treatments in Rancho Cucamonga available. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for a thorough examination your pet’s skin or for diagnosis of skin lumps or tumors.