What to Do if Your Pet Suffers From Skin Problems?

What to Do if Your Pet Suffers From Skin Problems?

What to Do if Your Pet Suffers From Skin Problems?It is hard to see watch a pet suffer in any manner. Watching pets repeatedly itch, scratch or bite at their skin due to skin conditions can be concerning for pet owners and lead to sores, hair loss, or infection for pets. The good news is that you can often help pets by treating the skin condition that is is the underlying cause of the irritation.

Common Skin Conditions Your Pet May Suffer From

The first step in treating your pet’s irritated skin is identifying what the condition is that is causing the hair loss, itching, or irritation. While there are many less common skin conditions that can affect your pet, some of the most common conditions include:

  • Allergies – Pets may be affected by a food allergy, contact allergy, inhalant allergy, or flea allergy.
  • Yeast Infections – Yeast likes to grow in warm moist areas and in your pet that is most often in their ears, paws, and jowls. If your pet is excessively scratching or biting at these areas, a yeast infection may be the cause.
  • Fleas, Ticks, and Mites – Fleas, ticks, and mites can set up a home on your pets fur, skin, and ears. These parasites will often bite or burrow causing your pets to scratch often to the point of damaging their skin.
  • Dry Skin – If your pet’s skin is flaky and their coat is dull, itching may be due to dry skin. Pets can suffer from dry skin seasonally or all year round.
  • Hot Spots – If you find your pet licking or biting red sores on their body, you could be dealing with hot spots. As the name sounds, these will be warm to the touch and usually look like wounds.

What Do You Do if Your Pet Suffers From Skin Problems?

Treating your pet for skin conditions could mean a commitment for the duration of your pet’s life so learning how to care for it properly is essential. Some things you can do to help your pet’s skin condition is:

Get a Proper Diagnosis
If your pet suffers from chronic skin problems or seems to have an acute condition, it is important to bring your dog to the vet so that a proper diagnosis can be made. Your vet will be able to check for fleas, test for allergies, and prescribe any prescriptions that might be necessary for treatment.

Upgrade Your Pet’s Food
A proper diet can help ensure that your pet gets the proper nutrients for healthy skin and coat. Try to find a dog food that is free of fillers and ingredients that are overly processed.

Maintain a Regular Grooming Schedule
You can alleviate some of your pet’s discomfort by following a regular bathing and grooming routine. This will help remove any irritants that come into contact with your pet’s skin and remove debris and buildup that can occur from your pet’s outdoor play. If your pet suffers from dry skin, find shampoos that utilize extra moisturizing or conditioning components.

Treat Your Pet for Fleas and Ticks
Many pet owners don’t worry about fleas until they see them, but by that point they probably have taken up permanent residence on your furry friend causing them serious discomfort. By treating your pet regularly, you will be able to prevent fleas from inhabiting your pet’s coat and prevent additional itching and bites.

If your pet suffers from skin problems contact Alta Rancho Pet and Bird Hospital today to schedule your appointment and get your pet on the road to recovery.