Cancer Surgery

Taking care of your pet may lead to some interesting and unexpected complications. When you notice lumps on your pet’s body, you may have concerns about the underlying cause of those lumps. While a lump is not always cancerous, you want to seek treatment from a veterinarian in Rancho Cucamonga CA when you notice a problem with your pet’s behavior, odd lumps or any other signs of cancer.

When Are Lumps Cancerous?

Pet lump removal in Rancho Cucamonga is not always necessary because lumps are not always cancerous. In some cases, a lump is a simple bug bite, wart or skin tag. It may not be a concern for your pet’s health and some lumps you may notice while caring for your pet will fade over time.
Generally, you want to consider pet cancer treatments in Rancho Cucamonga when a lump continues to grow rapidly or causes your pet pain. Do not ignore rapid growth and seek treatment at an animal hospital in Rancho Cucamonga. You also want to pay attention to the feel of the lumps. A hard lump that grows rapidly is a concern, but a lump that does not grow over time may not be a cancerous lump and should be mentioned at a wellness exam.

Treatments from a Vet in Rancho Cucamonga for Cancer

When you notice rapid growth and seek treatment from a vet in Rancho Cucamonga, we may determine that the growth stems from cancer. Pet cancer treatments in Rancho Cucamonga depend on your pet’s specific needs. At an early stage of cancer, we may suggest surgery to remove the cancer cells.
During surgery, we remove the lump and some surrounding tissue to eliminate the cancer cells and remove them from your pet. We may also use laser ablation or chemotherapy for your pets in certain situations. Ultimately, the form of cancer and the risks to your pet help us determine the appropriate course of action.

When to Consider Pet Oncology

Pet oncology seems complicated and may even intimidate pet owners. You do not want to put a pet through pain, but it may be necessary to seek treatment to avoid cancer growth and limit risks to an animal’s health. At the Alta Rancho Pet and Bird Hospital, we provide the care your pets need to limit the spread of cancer in their body. We offer pet lump removal in Rancho Cucamonga after evaluating the situation and ensure that your pet needs the treatment.
Consider treatment when you notice rapid growth of a lump on your pet’s body or when several lumps occur quickly. You may also consider treatment for lumps that cause your pet pain.
Treating cancer is a complicated concern, but it may be necessary as your pet ages. For many aging pets, cancer plays a key role in their death. By seeking treatment early, you reduce the risk of cancer spreading through your pet’s body. To learn more about treating cancer in pets, call (909) 980-3575 today.